I'm Danny,
the founder of Agency Counselors, a firm created to raise awareness and educate individuals about investment platforms that will match their goals and objectives.  
I live in Marietta, just north of Atlanta Georgia with my wife Lisa, our daughters Allie and Taylor and son Luke.


My Mission

My mission is to help you avoid the financial missteps that so many others make as they receive their financial education from the school of hard knocks. I’m here to serve and guide you along your own path, towards a life of financial freedom.
I have spent the last 18 years educating individuals approaching retirement.  Working with employees from fortune 500 companies, national healthcare groups and the federal government.  Many of these individuals have not been educated or made aware of all their choices.  Individuals have relied on mutual fund companies or large investment firms to manage their assets and create plans with programs and products within their specfic product mix.  The majority of these products can be very costly to the individual.  
In retirement, the stakes are high!  Agency Counselors was created to bring a low cost investment platform and affortable income planning strategies to individuals.  I help clients, like you, take their complex financial lives and make them simpler and more tangible, giving them clarity and saving them time by handling what for most is an arduous task. This allows you to focus on living and enjoying life, knowing your financial future has been well thought out. I guide you through your options and help you make informed decisions without overwhelming you with confusing jargon or equations.